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Hi, Iā€™m Henk Boelman, a senior cloud advocate at Microsoft, focusing on Azure ML and accessibility.

TechDays Finland

In this session we do a deep dive into the A.I. stack that Microsoft has to offer. We start with

Ignite Tel Aviv

This blogpost contains links to the materials used in my presentations on Ignite Tel Aviv 2019.

Ignite Toronto

This blogpost contains links to the materials used in my presentations on Ignite Toronto 2019.

Azure Function x64 dev setup

Last week I needed an Azure Function to be compiled for the x64 platform because of a dependency. It

#ChristmasEve sentiment analysis

In this blog we dive into how we can detect the sentiment for a Twitter Hastag. When writing this it

The tech behind

I explained why and in what way I'm building TendoCare. Now lets dive into the technology choices

There is a new Meetup in town

The first Thursday of every month is Azure Thursday! A new meetup is kicking-off in 2018.

Introducing is a platform that enables medical workers to be more effective in the field. The pla

Infuse Some AI Into Umbraco

With the rise of AI and explosion in intelligence services the need to jump on this track is more

Face API ā€“ Detection 101

In this post we dive into the Face API, part of the Microsoft Cognitive services landscape. We will

My first Windows IOT project

Yesterday I posted my first Windows IOT project on named the SmileBackPi. The

Microsoft //Build 2017 - Vlog

May 2017 I went with my colleague Daniel van der Starre to Microsoft Build 2017 in Seattle. Build is

Azure Search, The basics

Adding search to a website is always a bit tricky and takes a lot of time to implement correctly.