Data science talks not to be missed at Ignite 2017

This year I will be joining Ignite 2017 in Orlando. I'm very excited and hope to meet a lot of people and get a boost of inspiration and knowledge. The main reason I'm going is to find out what is new in the world of AI. The aim is to get information about Cognitive Service, Machine learning and bots. Ordina was nice enough to sponsor my trip with a 2 day Data Science pass. During my stay in Orlando I will update VLOG regularly and keep you updated about all the cool new stuff. But for now I'm sharing the talks I'm really looking forward to.

The first one not to miss is a session by Jennifer Marsman. I have seen her on NDC London and I was lucky to follow her workshop during Build 2017 in Seattle. Her session is called Infuse intelligence into your business app with Vision and Speech. A topic I'm also working on. With her as a speaker she will give some interesting insights. Another session that could be interesting is from Giampaolo Battaglia called infusing language and speech capabilities into your apps. He is a unknown speaker to me, but he has a lot of sessions the 2 days I'm there, the topics sound good for sure I'm checking him out.

On Monday Joseph Sirosh the Corporate Vice President Data Platform is giving a talk about Microsoft AI platform. I am hoping this this talk will include, some interesting new announcements, breakthroughs and is likely to be one of the most inspiring in the data science track.

The expo is also a place I'm really looking forward to. At the expo on Build 2017 I had so many nice chats and got to know some interesting projects like Project Prague, I hope to meet the team again. All the time between sessions I will be looking around!

5 Talks not to be the missed:

Monday 25 September at 2:15 Joseph Sirosh - Microsoft AI platform

Monday 25 September at 4:00 Colleen Estrada - Let’s talk about Conversation Design

Tuesday 26 September at 2:15 Giampaolo Battaglia - infusing language and speech capabilities into your apps

Tuesday 26 September at 12:30 Jennifer Marsman - Infuse intelligence into your business app with Vision and Speech

Tuesday 26 September at 15:35 Paul Stubbs - Amplifying human ingenuity with Microsoft AI